What this module does

The module provides the functionality of uploading images to add patients faces. the images are stored in the Opnemrs ApplicationData Directory under a folder Faces_Images associated with the patient id of the selected patient.

Each image uploaded is registered in the database in a table called  "facelist_multipart"  using the patient id of the corresponding patient and in later versions, this registered id will be used to control the upload of patient image to patients who already have face or who have null .

By default the module adds a  "empty face " image to patients who have no faces uploaded yet

After uploading the images , it then returns and displays all the faces uplodded in a jquery table , which provides a searching and sorting function to the list  forming an image album.

Documentation / How-To

the Module can be accesed from the administration page or the patient DarshBoard and can only run on Openmrs Platforn Version 2+. 

the module can only upload one image per patient. when a new image is uploaded ,the previous image is by default overriden.


the omod can be downloaded from https://bintray.com/mozzy/omod/facelist/1.0.0

and the source code found  at https://github.com/mozzy11/openmrs-module-facelist


 A list of faces returned in a table                                                                    


                    wen u click the view full face  button


the upload form

j query table                                                                                                                                     jquery validator  validates input


  A wen u click view full face button on a null face image                                                                            Extension links on the ADMIN page


                          Extaension Links on the Patient Dashbod

Release Notes

facelist-1.0.0 released


This module was developer by  Mutesasira Moses  for openmrs implementers