Terminology Service Bureau

The Terminology Service Bureau is an application an a service provided by the Columbia International eHealth Laboratory (CIEL) and the Millennium Villages Project. It was written by David Matthews of Prolingua in the UK based on work that he had done for an international Police communication system known as LinguaNet. It is designed to assist in the translation of the Concept Names for the OpenMRS dictionary and the messages.properties files used by the User Interface. The original version was not written in Java and is currently available connected to the CIEL dictionary and properties files. A module version which only supports the concept dictionary translation is available (or soon to be) in the module repository.

For more information, or to help participate in a translation, please contact Andrew Kanter at ask2164@cumc.columbia.edu. We need help in translating the concept dictionary even without the Terminology Service Bureau.
The Terminology Service Bureau (TSB) accepts concepts proposals, resolves each proposal to a concept, translates the names for the concept into multiple languages, then distributes the updated concept dictionary.

  1. Submit Concept Proposals
  2. Resolve Concept Proposals to Concepts
  3. Distribute Terminology

Submit Concept Proposal

Resolve Concept Proposals to Concepts

Distribute Terminology