Launching OpenMRS automatically as a service

These are the steps to follow for making the OpenMRS launch automatically. We want our server to start automatically, so it starts  after booting the pc and when is network available.

Sript for launching the openmrs server:

#!/bin/bash cd /home/pere/Documents/referenceapplication-standalone-2.7.0/ 
 java -jar openmrs-standalone.jar -commandline -tomcatport 8081

Number of port used by tomcat is arbitrary

We have to save it in:/usr/local/bin/

Now, create a file called: /lib/system/system/OpenMRS.service

It has to contain:

 Description=Launch OpenMRS server service
 [Service] Type=simple

Where User= field contains the user’s session name and ExecStart = the path to run the script.

Now, start the service:

$ sudo systemctl start OpenMRS

And start on boot:

$ sudo systemctl enable OpenMRS

For checking the status of the service:

$ systemctl status OpenMRS.service