UgandaEMR FingerPrint Module


UgandaEMR Fingerprint module adds functionality of search and capture of patient fingerprints to any reference application distribution. The module is specific to one technology Digital Persona 4500 from Cross match.


Using The fingerprint Module

In order to use the fingerprint module you need to have the fingerprint module uploaded into your distribution (You can get the latest release from here) also you need the fingerprint web socket connector app on the computer you intend to use for fingerprint identification.

Upload and Configuring fingerprint module

To Upload the module download the it from here

Go to Legacy system Admin >>Module management >>

Upload the Module.

Specify the socket which the fingerprint socket connector app is running on. You can do this by going to OpenMRS localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/maintenance/settings.list?show=Ugandaemrfingerprint if openmrs is on your localhost if not replace is with an ipaddress or domain. It should look like http://localhost:8084 (8084 is default) you can change it bassing on your specified socket as below .

How to Configure the web socket app

Download the connector folder from Here

 In the connector folder there is fingerprintrun.bat file. Open it and configure it basing on specifications and needs

set serverIP="localhost" This is the address of the server which has openmrs running
set serverName="openmrs"  This is the openmrs webapp name. Change it if you have it different other than openmrs
set socketPort="8084" This is the socket port which the websoketapp will run on. Note: It should be different from the port openmrs is running on.
set serverMysqlUsername="openmrs" mysql username on which the openmrs is using to access mysql
set serverMysqlPassword="openmrs" mysql password on which the openmrs is using to access mysql

Please Note: if openmrs is on a different server make sure that the client has ability to access mysql remotely. See this on how to enable mysql remote access

Watch Video below to learn how fingerprint is used.


Fingerprint Web-socket connector

FingerPrint Module







Release Notes

Latest Release 1.0.4

Previous Releases


This module was developer by The METS Program for UgandaEMR Implementation.