Growth Chart Module For the Platform

Growth Chart Module Documentation


The growth chart is designed for patients under 20 years old. It allows for easy entry of height and weight information in real time into an encounter. After height and weight entry, the historical information of patient weight and height at each visit is presented in table format. The module can also display historical information in chart format, showing the height and weight of patients over time and juxtaposing the values against WHO statistical norms.

Doctors should use the growth chart during pediatric patient visits to help monitor the proper growth and nutrition of patients.

The advantages of implementing a growth chart module are:

  • Easy entry by care providers in real time cuts down data entry errors.
  • The historical table and chart provide information to clinicians which improves patient care.
  • Creates buy in by providers who want access to tables and charts, encouraging consistent use of the EMR.



Download the growthchart module omod file here


Download the growthchart module project from Subversion here

Installation and Configuration

Before uploading the module, you can create a new encounter type such as CLINICIANENTERED to associate with the height and weight obs entered in the module or you can skip this step if you will use an existing encounter type.

Upload the module from the growthchart .omod file.

Change the growthchart.encountertype.clinician setting to match the encoutertype id of the encounter type you wish to use for the growthchart height and weight observations.

If you are unsure of the id, you can see it in the query string in your browser from the page where you view an encounter type.


Navigate to the dashboard of a patient who is under 20 years old.

Click on the 'Get Growth Chart' link located on the Overview tab.

The growth chart window will pop up.

To see the graph for weight, click on the "See Graph" link at the top right.

To see height for age information, click on the "Height For Age" link at the top right.

To see the corresponding graph, click on the "See Graph" link at the top right.

To add the height and weight observations, click on the "Add New" link and the encounter form will appear.

Upcoming Features

  • Select an encounter type from a list, making the association of an encounter type with the module via global properties optional.
  • Set the default for the provider field in the form to be the authenticated user.
  • Put chart and table on the same page rather than having people toggle between them.
  • To request a feature, send an email to Rita Cuckovich at

Release Notes

Version 1.7

  • Added Indonesian localization

Version 1.6

  • Subversion Revision 15305 requires OpenMRS
  • Adding height and weight observations now optional.
  • Growth Chart link does not show for patients > 20 years old.
  • Patients under 3 years old have accurate graphs.

Version 1.0

  • Initial alpha release.
  • Subversion Revision 14984 for OpenMRS 1.5
  • Subversion Revision 15085 for OpenMRS 1.6


Version 2.0.0 

Version 2.0.0 is for the New Growth Chart Module For Reference Application