Research Encounters Module


The Research Encounters module affects the way the Encounters and Forms tab appear on the patient dashboard.  This module allows you to hide or show Encounters and Forms by role, as well as to divide encounters up into clinical vs. research encounters.


Configuration is setting (formerly global property from platform 1.8 downwards) based.  Here are the  settings (formerly global properties from platform 1.8 downwards) and their definitions:


  • A comma-separated list of which encounter type IDs should be considered "research encounters."  All other encounter types are considered 'clinical'.


  • Optionally allows you to show resesearchEncounters by role.  Format should be: formId1=rolename1|rolename2,formId2=rolename   
  • This is useful for allowing researchers to view encounters associated with a particular study, while hiding these form-based encounters from a clinical team


  • Optionally allows you to completely hide forms from both the encounters tab, and the formEntry tab.  Comma delimited list of formIds.


  • Optionally allows you to completely hide research encounters sections.