Community Modules


  • Community Modules are modules created by anyone and shared with the community
  • Community-Supported Modules are modules that the community will ensure its maintained (at least in the versions in which its bundled). Tickets for these modules are included in the Community Development Swimlane. Many of these will be bundled as long as it is useful to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are all community-supported modules also bundled and vice versa?
    • All bundled modules should be community-supported (for at least the support lifecycle of the release they are bundled in)
    • The community might commit to supporting modules that are not bundled.
  • How does somebody request/suggest that a module be added to the reference application (become a bundled module)?
    • Modules used/needed by the reference application or the platform are typically going to be bundled.
    • If there is a popular/useful module that is used by multiple sites (e.g., 3+) and someone believes it should be bundled, they can suggest it within a public forum (OpenMRS Talk or in a dev forum).
  • When is a module un-bundled?
    • When a module is no longer popular/useful or regularly maintained and the community doesn't have the resources to maintain it (or the resources outweigh the benefits) or it is superceded by a newer module, then we may decide to no longer bundle the module.
    • This discussion should be in a public form (OpenMRS Talk or in a dev forum).
  • How does somebody request/suggest that a module be community-supported?
    • Discuss it in a public forum (dev mailing list and/or forum) to achieve community consensus.

Community-Supported Modules

  1. Address Hierarchy
  2. Admin UI (download)
  3. Allergies UI (download)
  4. App Framework (download)
  5. App UI Module (download)
  6. Appointment Scheduling (download)
  7. Appointment Scheduling UI (download)
  8. Atlas (download)
  9. Calculation (download)
  10. Chart Search (download)
  11. Concept Management OWA (download)
  12. Core Apps (download)
  13. Data Exchange (download)
  14. EMR API (download)
  15. Event (download)
  16. FHIR (download)
  17. Form Entry App (download)
  18. HTML Form Entry (download)
  19. HTML Form Entry 1.9 Extensions (download)
  20. HTML Form Entry UI (download)
  21. HTML Widgets (download)
  22. ID Generation (download)
  23. Metadata Deploy (download)
  24. Metadata Mapping (download)
  25. Metadata Sharing (download)
  26. Name Phonetics (download)
  27. Open Web Apps (download)
  28. Provider Management (download)
  29. Reference Application (download)
  30. Reference Demo Data (download)
  31. Reference Metadata (download)
  32. Registration App (download)
  33. Registration Core (download)
  34. Reporting (download)
  35. Reporting REST (download)
  36. Serialization XStream (download)
  37. UI Commons (download)
  38. UI Framework (download)
  39. UI Test Framework (download)
  40. UI Library (download)
  41. REST Web Services (download)