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The goal of this project is to provide an OpenMRS client for iOS devices. 


- Login to any OpenMRS installation
- Search for patients
- Add patients to the database
- View patient visits and vitals
- Record a patient's vitals
- Take visit notes
- Use the app offline. You can store selected patients to an encrypted database on your device, then access them anywhere in the world.

The app communicates with OpenMRS using REST. The app can store patient data offline in an encrypted database. 


Demo Video

Filling XForms demo on iOS client



OpenMRS-iOS Development Guide

OpenMRS-iOS User Guide

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Source Code

Road Map

  1. Initial project idea - developed as a Google CodeIn 2014 Task: OpenMRS-iOS Client v1.0 - GCI 14
  2. GSoC 2015 project idea: OpenMRS iOS Client Extensions

Release Notes

v2.0 - 12/Sep/2015

  • Built in App analytics & bug tracking
  • Built in App feedback system.
  • Many other localized languages.
  • Rewritten Login view with a separate button for login to demo server
  • New settings icon in the mainmenu
  • Adding more information there, like the OpenMRS server URL and a link to the project page
  • Also added refreshing timer that you can configure to refresh the patient data when it's open on the device
  • Added XForms support
    • User can view available xforms to fill
    • User can save the xforms to fill where there's not internet connection
    • User can open XForms and fill it from the App with 2 UI choices that you can choose from the settings
    • User can submit XForms from the app to edit encounters for that patient on server
    • User can view the XForm used to edit encounter from the app -If the encounter is set by an XForms-
    • When no internet connection, user can save the filled forms offline to send them later when he has internet connection
  • Better handling for all the network errors across the app
  • Adding a new Activity indicators all across the app

v1.2 - 5/8/2015

  • Localization updates for Portuguese and German
  • Updates for iOS 9 compatibility
  • Adjustments to add/edit patient forms

v1.2 - 11/7/2015

  • Various bug fixes & performance updates
  • Updates to user interface for viewing patients
  • Edit patients from the app
  • Automatically sync offline patients: You can now make changes to a patient even when offline, and they'll be applied next time you start the app with Internet access
  • Localization! The app is now localized to:
    • French
    • German
    • Malay
    • Spanish
    • Catalan
    • Portuguese
  • If you quit the app and relaunch it, it will automatically open what you had open last
  • View a list of currently active visits
  • Report bugs: Shake your device to open a bug reporter
  • iPad support: Now runs natively on iPad

v1.1 - 13/2/2015

  • Improvements to login
  • Fix crash on iOS 7
  • You can now start visits for a patient from within the app
v1.0.6 - 28/12/2014
  • Add app icon and launch images
  • Fix some alignment issues on big screen sizes
  • Make the status bar work better with the login screen
  • Recreate Core Data db after deleting it (#13)
  • Fix #15, 64-bit devices ordering JSON dictionaries differently.
v0.5 - 02/12/2014

Initial release of OpenMRS-iOS


This iOS app is a mobile client for OpenMRS. It was originally created by Parker Erway as part of Google Code-in 2014. Extensively enhanced by, Yosef Hamza as part of Google Summer of Code 2015, Under the mentorship of Harsha Siriwardena. Logo, splash & Promo video created by, Ungku Zoë Anysa.