Configure Metadata: Manage Forms

The Manage Forms app under Configure Metadata allows you to add forms to the blue navigation box on the patient summary dashboard and the header of the visits dashboard.

1) Create your implementation's custom concepts and a form using the HTML Form Entry Module (System Administration>Advanced Administration>HTML Form Entry>Manage HTML Forms) or the XForms ModuleNote: If using the HTML Form Entry module, you have the choice of structuring your form with the Standard User Interface or Simple Form User Interface. The Standard UI displays all fields on one page. The Simple Form UI displays one question at a time.
2) Publish your form 


Click Configure Metadata>Manage Forms

  • You will see a display of all forms in the system (We created the form titled "Demo Form" for this tutorial)
    (Note that some built-in forms cannot be modified.)
  • Notice that the Demo Form has not been added to the User Interface (UI).
    Click "Add" and you will see the following screen

    Configuration Options
    • UI Location
      • Patient Dashboard - General Actions
        This displays under the General Actions heading of the blue navigation box in the patient summary
      • Patient Dashboard - Current Visit Actions
        This displays the link to the form under the Current Visit Actions of the blue navigation box in the patient summary and the header of the visits dashboard
    • Display Style
      • Standard
        This displays all form fields at once
      • Simple
        This displays the form one question at a time 
    • Label Text or Message Code
      This is the text that will display in the UI Location
    • Icon
      This is the icon that will display next to the text. See the Style Guide for a list of available icons
    • Privilege Required
      Choose the privilege that's required to access the form. This is optional.
    • Order
      This is the order in which the link will display. The default is 15 so it displays at the end. Choose 1 to display it first
    • Show if
      This is advanced logic that allows you to display the link in a particular instance. These are documented (not very well) at Conditionally displaying Apps and Extensions.
  • Click "Save" and you will return to the Manage Forms app with a new line in the UI section of your form.

    You can click the pencil or x to edit or delete the UI link that you created.
  • Go and find a patient with an active visit. 

    You will now see the link to the form in the patient summary

    If you chose to display it under "Current Visit Actions" you will also see it in the header of the visits page