Team Management Module

1         Overview

Team Management module is an OpenMRS module developed by Interactive Health Solutions that helps the user to manage multiple teams of a project. It allows users to add/edit/delete team role, team and team members. Each team hierarchy can own any team, team has only one supervisor. User can easily transfer member to another team/team hierarchy, make a new team supervisor, make new team hierarchy supervisor (which itself would be another team hierarchy), view team hierarchy/members/teams, view team hierarchy/team/team members history.

The features are different for different users and the functionality varies according to user roles. Furthermore, it provides data via REST calls.

Source code can be found in repository here. This module is compatible with OpenMRS 1.9.x, 1.11.x and 2.0.x versions.

2         Requirements

2.1       Required downloads

  • OpenMRS Modules
    • OpenMRS UI Framework
    • Rest Web Services