OpenMRS Nigeria

At this time there are series of OpenMRS versions being implemented by various organizations in Nigeria. Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) being the largest OpenMRS implementer in Nigeria, with a customized version that provides the customary user-friendly legacy interface experience at the moment, there is a plan by its developers on adding an AngularJS front-end design most especially for mobile device users. The OpenMRS custom design mirror the Federal Ministry of Health tools for HIV/AIDS and MDR-TB programs as well as certified data collection tools (DCTs). OpenMRS is currently deployed to over 119 health care facilities by phase implementation, with more than 475 users trained across supported states in Nigeria.

Presently a team of developers is working on putting together a unified package of OpenMRS distribution with germane modules integrated for small and large scale utilization in Nigeria.

Private and public hospitals can explore the use of OpenMRS and demand the custom distribution variety base on their specific requirements.

Presently known OpenMRS implementing groups in Nigeria: 

Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN)

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) Nigeria

eHealth for Everyone (eH4E) Nigeria