Document and Drawing Annotation Module


 The providers use drawing/sketches to record findings of patient’s examination. These drawings are later linked to the patient's medical records within OpenMRS. Document and Drawing Annotation module provides a means to create such drawings and tools to annotate them efficiently. Along with drawings, providers can also attach additional files (e.g. audios, videos, images, pdfs) to the patient’s records which are saved as a part of the encounter.

On saving, the drawing and files are persisted in the server under the encounter type “Drawing & Docs” and are made available at patient’s dashboard along with other encounters. The module also provides ability to view and edit the encounter in an intuitive way.

The module also provides ability to export the encounter as a portable file which can be restored later at a different time or machine.

A second version of the drawing editor is available as an independent standalone web application to make use of the editor without OpenMRS.



Sketch and Image Annotation - There are various tools to import images, create sketches and annotate them.


Editing objects on canvas - Objects on the drawing canvas can be modified individually or as a group.



Embedded Audio clip - Allows embedding images, audios, and videos directly into the canvas.



Encounter preview in Patient’s Dashboard - Encounter can be previewed from the patient’s dashboard


Please refer to the User's Guide and Web App User’s Guide for a complete description of this module.


The OpenMRS module can be used with any browser, however, the Web-App works best with FireFox. Not all features are available on browsers’ other than FireFox for the web-app.


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This module was developed by San Francisco State University for the OpenMRS community.