Operation Theater Module

Version : 2.0

Source code : GitHub


The Operation Theater module facilitates the management of theater procedures and related data collection. It has a scheduling engine based on Optaplanner library for scheduling procedures among available operation theaters. It allows users to collect data about the procedure & patient throughout the former's workflow.


  • OpenMRS platform 2.6 or higher.
  • Java 8


The module needs to be compiled from sources available at GitHub. Note that Maven & Java 8 are required for compilation.


The packaged omod file can be  installed via the module management web interface. Once loaded, the first task is to set up the theater locations via the System Administration interface.

Setting up Theater Locations

Adding a theater location involves entering its open hours and selecting color code for display in the scheduler calendar interface.

  • Adding theater location.
    • Enter the theater open hours.
    • Set color code for calendar display.

See the video below for a step-by-step walk-through of setting up a theater location.



The module includes 4 main components for managing theater activities. These encompass the procedures and data collection.

  1. Procedure - A particular theater activity.
  2. Surgery - an instance of a procedure within the system.
  3. Scheduler - theater activity planning component.
  4. Surgery information - record data of surgery throughout its workflow.


Refer the child pages for more information on each component.