DHIS Reporting Status and Road Map

Module PartStatus
Import of Metadata
  • No Current DHIS2 endpoint to import data from.
  • James K and Bob Jolliffe working on getting a proposal for a standardized endpoint for ADX
  • Bob Jolliffe working on setting up an endpoint in DHIS2 for EMR's to access metadata (as per the standardized endpoint format)
Mapping Reports
  • We can map periodic indicator reports from reporting module reports to a DHIS2 report.
Generating Report results
  • We can generate report results from reporting module and also from sql queries in the module
  • We can have a mixed generation methods for inidicators i.e a few results in a report using reporting module and a few using sql queries
  • The results generated using reporting module will be avialable for view from the module result page. This will allow users to drill down to individual patients for each indicators
Sending Report Data
  • No current export of results from OpenMRS