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OpenMRS is a wonderful clinical data gathering and analyzation tool as well as a wonderful platform for an integrated hospital management information system (HMIS).  However, the business management pieces to implement a comprehensive HMIS within OpenMRS are not complete and those pieces that do exist lack an overall cohesiveness.  The OpenHMIS team is filling that gap and adding a comprehensive HMIS suite that is built on top of OpenMRS.

Our goal is to provide an excellent HMIS software solution for hospitals that cannot afford expensive commercial software packages.  While we will be working with specific hospitals for our implementations we are designing each module to be general enough to be used in many varied medical institutions. This generalized design is something that we believe is vitally important as it enables the OpenMRS community at large to benefit from this work and so that they (you!) can actively contribute back into the work to help make it better for everyone.

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The OpenHMIS project is completely open source and we welcome any contributions. Most of the development team hangs out in a HipChat room here; feel free to drop in, say hello, and ask questions. Our other development-y services can be found here: