Administering Fields

Adding A New Patient Identifier Field

You can look at pre-existing identifier fields in your system or on the demo website for examples. If the patient identifier type has already been defined within a field, then you should try to re-use the existing field if possible; otherwise, follow these steps to create a new identifier field:

  1. Go to Administration → Manage Fields
  2. Click "Add New Field"
  3. Create your field with the following information:

    Field Name

    Enter a name for the field, e.g. "Medical Record Number"


    Describe the field to help other administrators and users — e.g., "Unique patient identifier for Wilson Hospital"

    Field Type

    Database element


    Table_ =_ patient_identifier, Attribute = identifier

    Default value

    $!{patient.getPatientIdentifier(1).getIdentifier()}, replacing the 1 with the internal identifier type id (you can find this under "Manage Identifier Types", hovering your mouse over the identifier type and looking at the link's address)

    Select Multi

    Leave unchecked

NOTE: typically, patient demographic fields (like an identifier) should be placed under the "PATIENT" section of a form schema.