The OpenMRS Messaging Module: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the messaging module?

The OpenMRS messaging module is the software being developed as a response to the requirements specification found here: [archive:It facilitates the delivery and acceptance of messages in or out of an OpenMRS installation.

What do I need to use the messaging module?

  1. An installed copy of OpenMRS.
  2. A copy of the messaging module from the module repository. 'Not yet available - check back for more information.'
  3. One or more methods you'd like to receive messages from. This can be:
    1. An SMSLib compatible modem with an account from your local telephony provider. For a list of compatible devices, see].
    2. A Twitter(r) account.
    3. An email account.
    4. A connection to a Nuntium server (for more details, see [
      You may also need to install a module that takes advantage of the messaging module. The module currently supports transmission and acceptance of simple, one time messages. For more complicated uses you'll need to install a module that leverages the messaging module's API.

What is the messaging module's current functionality?

Currently the messaging module can:

  • store user addresses
  • send SMS messages
  • send Twitter messages
  • allow users to manage their addresses and the addresses of patients
  • allow users to view sent and received messages
  • use nuntium to send and receive all kinds of messages

Currently the messaging module cannot:

  • send or receive email messages
  • receive SMS messages via SMS modem
  • receive twitter messages
  • notify listening objects of received messages
  • act on received messages (change a patient's record via)

Other things that need work:

  • the framework is kind of 'brittle' and needs tweaking
  • it has only been tested on Linux
  • there are no developer guides for the messaging module on how to implement a new messaging service or how to use the listening/sending APIs

What modules use the messaging module's API?

None currently, but please check back again for more information. If you are a module developer and would like to include messaging functionality, please contact zeshan (at) openmrs (dot) org.

Do I need FrontlineSMS, RapidSMS, or anything else to use the messaging module?

No. Thanks to efforts from InSTEDD we support connection to a Nuntium server but this is not required. At this time, the messaging module does not support direct connection to a FrontlineSMS or RapidSMS installation. The Millennium Villages project has integrated RapidSMS with OpenMRS and may have more information on how to do this. See].

Are there any alternatives to the messaging module?

Yes. Please see the OpenMRS Mobile page here: [For more information, contact the OpenMRS Mobile Working Group or see] for more information.

Where can I get more information about the messaging module?

You can email either the developers' or implementers' mailing lists (see If you'd prefer a private conversation, feel free to email zeshan (at) openmrs (dot) org.