Simple Pharmacy Module


The Simple pharmacy module will be an integrated system which will be able to see the e-prescriptions made by the doctors from the Outpatient module or from the Inpatient patient records. These prescriptions will be listed for each patient along with the patient identifier. The pharmacy users will be able to view only drug orders and not any patient details or visit details.

T he three main functionality includes:

  • Drug dispensing
  • Batch management
  • Inventory management

Use cases

  • The pharmacist will be able to see the list of newly ordered drug prescriptions by the doctors for each patient. They will select the order which they want to dispense.
  • The batch number and available stock will be automatically appear in the receipt
  • The pharmacist can manually select the batch or the system will automatically get the batch as first-in, first-out process
  • The dispensed drug will be reduced from the inventory and warning will be shown if the quantity is less than buffer level.
  • The pharmacy manager can also import/order drugs from a list of the available vendors is available. This will generate a order folio which can printed and sent to the vendor
  • The inventory management will allow to add different warehouses of drugs. e.g. Inpatient pharmacy may be separate from outpatient pharmacy