Forms snippets with questions

Check box with other field

How are checkboxes with other fields currently modeled in html forms? Is this more complicated since there are two other fields for the same question?

Questions, answers and groups

What are the relationships between questions, answers and groups on the prescription table?

Table with similar rows

We are thinking of representing each row as a group. Then, the user could use a copy group command to create subsequent rows after the first and would only need to edit the first column.

One issue with these types of tables is that the item text is effectively what we see at the top of each column. The UI we currently have expects each input item to individually have text associated with it. Should we develop another way of doing this for these types of tables?

Answer: We will introduce the concept of a table that indicates how many times to repeat its contents. The item texts for the items in the table become the headers of the table columns. We will only concern ourselves with regular tables where each row is the same.

Table where each row has different concepts

We could again think of each row of this table as a group and allow a user to copy the group to make subsequent rows. However, there is not much of a win here, since the concepts associated with each row's data entry will be different.

Answer: No shortcuts here. Each row is different and needs to be entered separately.