Patient Chart Widgets Module


This module allows developers to quickly and easily put together a 'chart' or 'flowsheet' style user interface for a patient, as opposed to an encounter-form-based UI.

The flowsheet can have a bunch of tabs (representing physical pages) each having a different table. The tables are one-row-per-encounter, and one-column-per-form-question.


The chart looks something like this: (please forgive the silly example)

Clicking "Add Another" opens the relevant HTML Form for entry:

Release Notes

Version 0.1

  • Initial alpha release


  • This module depends on the HTML Form Entry Module
  • To use this module properly you need to create your own module that depends on this one, and put your own custom configuration in your moduleApplicationContext.xml in a controller bean that extends the PatientChartController provided by this module.
  • For each "page" (or tab) you want in your "chart", you need to create an HTML form. Preferably a short one.
  • Instantiate a controller bean, like below
  • Map the bean in your module's urlMapping

Here is an example of how to configure a chart with 2 tabs. The first is labeled "Vitals", shows encounter type 1 and uses form 18 for entry. The second is labeled "Labs", shows encounter type 2 and uses form 19 for entry.

   <bean id="testPatientChartController">
   	<property name="configuration">
   			<property name="tabs">
   						<property name="title"><value>Vitals</value></property>
   						<property name="tabType"><value>encounterChart</value></property>
   						<property name="encounterTypeId"><value>1</value></property>
   						<property name="formId"><value>18</value></property>
   						<property name="title"><value>Labs</value></property>
   						<property name="tabType"><value>encounterChart</value></property>
   						<property name="encounterTypeId"><value>2</value></property>
   						<property name="formId"><value>19</value></property>