Archetypes Module

 What is this about?

Simply stated, an archetype is a formal re-usable model of a domain concept. The OpenEHR archetypes are based on tested-and-trusted models that are abstractions of clinical concepts and processes.
The OpenEHR archetypes allow for rapid and effective customization of medical record systems and allows for the separation of clinical modeling from technical modeling in what has been called a two-level modeling approach.
The OpenMRS, with its core – the concept dictionary - is designed to be customizable by users without programming skills though knowledge of analyzing and modeling medical systems is required. However, the process of analyzing and modeling concepts for forms design from the ground up could be a daunting challenge for both small and large systems.
This module offers us (the OpenMRS Community), the opportunity to reuse archetypes to make forms. These archetypes are free and are open-source. Thus, this module promises to facilitate the rapid deployment of OpenMRS at implementation sites and support its scalability to all clinical domains, specialties, and scenarios.

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These can be added to?
Numeric, Coded, Text, N/A, Document, Date, Time, DateTime, Boolean, Rule, Structured Numeric



Archetype Definition Language (ADL) Specification
Archetype Editors
FormEntry Technical Overview
Administering FormEntry


The intended approach is to allow the use of archetypes within OpenMRS to create forms:

To create forms within OpenMRS

Go to ‘Administration’
Click on ‘Manage Forms’
Duplicate Form (Add new Form creates new .xsd, template.xml; and can be used to generate a basic xsn)
Edit metadata
Design Form Schema
Download Form xsn
Right click and Design in Infopath
Upload Form (xsn)
Use Form

Data entry (See Ben's message)

Fill Data in (and submit xml for formentry, HL7 processing and dumping into database)


This part is trying to be an all-exclusive wish list (of use cases, etc) which includes all obvious and absurd possibilities and functionalities:

An Archetypes module
Manage archetypes use case from admin screen
Manage list of archetypes datatypes

Add new archetype
Add new form (xsn, openehr template)
New Basic Form (xsd, template.xml)

Design Form Schema – drag and drop archetypes

Find archetypes
Edit Archetypes
Export archetypes xml
Import archetypes xml
Design templates using external tool
Import oet files
OpenMRS archetypes (formlets) for drag and drop
Write XSLT to convert openehr templates (oet) to openMRS archetypes
Design new basic form
Design new XSLT for xml-hl7
Create (svn and local) repositories for archetypes Xforms,