Sync Module Synchronization Modes

There are 2 ways to synchronize a parent and child server depending on your connectivity:

  1. Synchronize Manually via File/Disk (when no network connection is available between the two sites)
  2. Synchronize Automatically via Internet

How to Synchronize via the Web

  • The easiest way is to set up a schedule for syncing automatically. On the child server, click on the link for "PARENT" in the configuration page to add/edit the schedule. (Once this is set up you should see a new task in the Manage Scheduler admin screen in openmrs).
  • If automation scares you, you can trigger sync'ing manually by clicking the synchronize now link on the configuration page, then click the "Send/receive changes via the web" button and wait.

How to Synchronize via File/Disk

From the Child server:

  1. On the configuration page, click send file link then "Export to File" button and save the resulting file to disk.
  2. Take that disk to the Parent server, and log in.
  3. On the configuration page, Click "upload/generate reply" to upload the data into the Parent system.
  4. The previous step will generate a "response" file. Save this file to the disk again.
  5. Take the disk back to the Child server and log in.
  6. Upload this response file to the upload file page Parent so that the Child server knows that the Parent has received the previously sent data/file. (if you don't do this, the child server will continue to send all changes to the parent server over and over again)

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