Module liquibase File

Available for use in OpenMRS as of 1.7.0 build 13476.

The module liquibase.xml file is the newer alternative to the sqldiff.xml file.

  • For liquibase conventions, see the Datatypes and use of Liquibase section on the Conventions page
  • Put the liquibase.xml file in the metadata folder (next to your config.xml)
  • The liquibase file is run after any found sqldiff.xml file. This is so module's aren't forced to rewrite their sqldiff files into liquibase files for openmrs 1.7.
  • See for xml element options
  • It is recommended to prepend the moduleId to the id of the changeset so that it is guaranteed to differ from those in core or other modules e.g calculation-20140716-1415 where calculation is the moduleId

Example metadata/liquibase.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<databaseChangeLog xmlns=""

		for a list of supported elements and attributes

	<changeSet id="mymoduleid-2010-05-25-15:50" author="bwolfe">
		<delete tableName="global_property">
			<where>property = 'myproperty'</where>