Program Location Module

The Program Location module adds the functionality to OpenMRS (1.5) to associate locations with program enrollments.  (This module's functionality has been merged into OpenMRS core in Version 1.8.)

This module cannot be uninstalled cleanly. If you are just installing this module for testing purposes, please do it on a disposable OpenMRS installation.


The Program Location module was developed for PIH Malawi to be able to capture patient transfers within a program to different sites. The program enrollments portlet on the patient dashboard is extended to allow locations to be selected.



Download the module from the OpenMRS module repository here.


Upload the module via the web interface. See the ?Administering Modules page for more details.


Screen Shot

The image below shows the effect of installing the Program Location module. The image shows the augmented program enrollment portlet.

Known Issues

  • Currently it is not possible to uninstall the module. The process of uninstalling works, but the patient dashboard is broken afterwards, so, for now, DO NOT UNINSTALL THIS MODULE!
  • Use "Exit from Care" carefully. Depending on your OpenMRS configuration the "Exit from Care" might set the Program Workflow State for all Programs automatically to a final state like PATIENT DIED. If you run a report to calculate death a death might be reported twice for 2 different location. In the above screenshot you typically only want to report the death for the active HIV program at Lisungwi Rural Hospital, but not for the already completed HIV program at the Neno District Hospital. In this case the last state transition from TRANSFERRED OUT to PATIENT DIED simply needs to be deleted.


Please feel free to email the developer with any feedback or feature requests.

Developer Notes