Media Viewer Module


The OpenMRS Media Viewer is a Flash-based visualizer of rich content such as pictures, video, and audio. Built as a part of GSoC 2009, the media viewer is a standalone OpenMRS module and is currently used in tandem with the Moca platform to allow doctors to diagnose cases submitted to OpenMRS via Android mobile phones.


The Media viewer module can be setup into OpenMRS by checking out the code from here, compiling the file to a .omod and installing into OpenMRS. Details can be found over here.


This module will allow users of OpenMRS to review and annotate patient data (images, audio, video) with a Flash plug-in. It will also allow users to do side-by-side image comparison, basic image editing, search by patient (Searching the media content uploaded for all encounters) and other functionalities as per the usability requirements.


The media viewer needs a couple of enhancements which can be derived from the following:

  • Usability tests conducted with doctors to understand the features required.
  • Support for side-by-side image comparison a prototype for which has been developed as below

  • Time series data visualization functionality
  • Create a button that pops up a search interface which allows selection from thumbnails of all previous medical images for the patient. Selecting an image shows it side-by-side with the current image.
  • Annotations functionality. Annotations must be saved as new observations in the viewed encounter.
  • Improving modularity as a plug and play component with OpenMRS
  • Improve speed of Image processing functions.
  • DICOM compatibility for media viewer

Related Documentation

A snapshot of the media viewer prototype requirement (With most above things pending addition)