Concept-Related Modules

There are some valuable modules which extend the core OpenMRS concept dictionary functionality:

Advanced concept management module

The Advanced Concept Management project will consist of building a better user interface for the management of concepts (including searching/editing features).  There are 3 names for this module, but they all represent the same module:

  • advance concept search
  • enhanced concept management
  • concept search

For download, see Concept Search module .

For addition information, see Advanced Concept Management Module and Advanced Concept Management Manual .

Metadata sharing module

The Metadata Sharing Module allows to exchange all kinds of metadata (concepts, locations, roles etc.) between different OpenMRS installations. It supports metadata defined in the core as well as in modules provided appropriate handlers are registered. Conflicts between existing and incoming metadata can be identified and resolved. The module can be used both through an API and a web interface.

For download, see Metadata sharing module .

For additional information, see Metadata Sharing Module and Metadata Sharing Project

Concept proposal module

At the heart of every OpenMRS implementation is a concept dictionary that defines the medical concepts (questions and answers) used as the building blocks for forms, orders, clinical summaries, reports (almost every aspect of the data). Most OpenMRS implementations have an open concept dictionary - one that is considered incomplete and evolves over time. Therefore, as clinicians document conditions the concept dictionary inside OpenMRS must be expanded to accommodate them to support meaningful clinical documentation.

Currently, there is a simple mechanism inside OpenMRS to support free text "proposed concepts". That is, a data entry clerk can create a proposed concept for an idea that hasn't been expressed inside the concept dictionary to date. The site administrator can then view the proposed concept and process it (e.g. approve and create a new concept, or map it to can existing concept).

For download, see repository?

For additional information, see (Outdated) Concept Proposal Module

Draft Forms Project

This is a work-in-progress.

For additional information, see Draft Forms Project

Form Import Export Module

This module allows you to automatically keep your concept dictionary in sync with a 'parent' concept dictionary, on a server that is also running this module. To enable this functionality you must set the 'formimportexport.parentConceptServer.url' global property, and manually initiate the concept synchronization from the Administration section.

WARNING: In order to use this functionality, your concept dictionary must start out as a copy of that parent dictionary, and you may not make any local modifications to the dictionary yourself. The module will not prevent you from doing so, however, so use with care.

For download, see Form import export module

For additional information, see FormImportExport Module