Setting up an OpenMRS Client

The OpenMRS server is a standard java web server.  To access OpenMRS as a client, you simply need a web browser that can read web pages.  The web browser can be on a computer or mobile* device and can be using any operating system you desire.

Clients are usually just entering data via forms.  The submitted forms are turned into encounters.  To fill out a form you need to have one of the form entry solutions.  There are different requirements for each:

  1. The HTML Form Entry Module can be used on any browser in any OS
  2. The XForms Module can be used on any browser in any OS and also from a standard xforms client
  3. The FormEntry Module can only be used on a Windows machine since it uses Microsoft InfoPath forms.  The server can be linux, but the forms must be filled out in a Windows environment.

*Please note that all features of the OpenMRS server/website might not be available on a mobile browser.  See the Mobile page for different ways of interacting from a phone or mobile device.