MDR-TB Module Versions 2.0 & 3.0

About the MDR-TB Module

The MDR-TB module provides special features to help manage patients with MDR-TB. It is also designed to facilitate the capture of the necessary data points to populate WHO reports.

The MDR-TB module brings together multiple components in one space to allow for quick review and quick data entry.  The new Chart tab overlays DST results with regimen history to provide a graphical look at the patient's history.  The Overview tab analyzes the patient's chart to automatically provider key data points such as resistance type, resistance profile, smear and culture conversion status and treatment status.

The module was designed with consideration to the WHO reports.  All the necessary data points are captured within the module and the WHO reports can quickly extract the data in the format you require.  The module also includes reporting functionality that will help you manage your MDR-TB patient population. 

More Information

MDR-TB Module Installation and Configuration Guide - Version 3.0 (for users of OpenMRS 1.9.x)

MDR-TB Module Installation and Configuration Guide - Version 2.0 (for users of OpenMRS 1.6.x)

MDR-TB Module User Guide

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