Integrated and Simplified Data Quality Tools


We would like to provide and encourage the use of data quality tools to help implementers manage their data.  We have a couple of module that provide aspects of support for data quality, namely the ?Data Integrity Module and the ?Patient Flags Module.  The goal for ?OpenMRS 1.9 is to fold these modules into the standard distribution of OpenMRS and bring their functionality to a level that there is at least some basic functionality useful "out of the box."


We will have a discussion on the ?2011-01-06 Developers Conference Call to demo existing functionality and flesh out plans/scope.


Data Integrity

  • Administrator can create simple queries to monitor and address simple data errors.
  • Documentation ready for end users

Patient Flags

  • Administrator can create simple rules (known as "flags") for displaying messages on the patient dashboard
    • (An example flag  would be an alert message on the patient dashboard for all patients with a CD4 COUNT above 200)
  • Can define flag using Logic, Groovy, or SQL
  • Can define a flag so that it only appears for users with specific roles
  • Can assign a priority to the flag
  • Can modify the display style of flag messages based on priority
  • Configures two display points where flags can be displayed: in the patient header, and on the patient overview page
    • Provides an interface for defining other display points
  • Provides the ability to run a flag against the entire patient set and return all patients for which the flag evaluates to "true"
  • Provides an API so that that other modules can create and modify flags
  • Documentation ready for end users

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