How-To Submit Code

The most common way to submit code, especially for new OpenMRS developers, is to submit a patch as an attachment to a ticket.

Submitting a Patch to OpenMRS

In most cases, developers are working against a ticket.  In this case, you usually have a local copy of code to which you have made changes.  To submit a patch, you may use your IDE (e.g., eclipse, IntelliJ, etc.) or the subversion command line to generate a patch file and upload it as an attachment to the ticket.  See the Patches page for more detail.

If you are using Git see also Using Git and this Using Git Video

Committing to the Repository

Some developers (full or partial committers) have write-access to the repository and can commit code directly to the repository.  If you are committing code to the repository, make sure you have read our Subversion Code of Conduct and Using Git.  If you have any doubts about whether or not to commit code to the repository, please ask us on the developers mailing list or on IRC.

Code Review 

The 2012-03-14 Open MRS University session was submitting patches and doing code reviews.  Here's a video tutorial  that shows the process.