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OpenMRS is a free, open source electronic medical record system (EMR) designed for use in the developing world. It supports health care delivery and research on every continent.

Are you looking for an electronic medical record system to use at your site? Would you like to know more about OpenMRS' capabilities? We suggest you begin with Getting Started with OpenMRS. The Getting Started guide introduces the software's features.  It will help you evaluate if OpenMRS is a good clinical, technical, and organizational solution for your needs.

'Where is OpenMRS being used?' 'What technologies is OpenMRS built on?' 'What new features are planned?'  The OpenMRS FAQ  answers these questions and more.

Next Steps

Try the software with the OpenMRS demo installations, or install it on your own server.

Look at the Implementers Guide for the details of starting an OpenMRS project at your site.   

Do you have more questions?  There are many resources for the OpenMRS community.