Error Logging Module


The Error Logging Module provides a mechanism to log uncaught exceptions to a database, along with associated metadata and provide this information to users so that they can provide a specific error log id along with their bug report. It assists in proactively improving the system regardless of whether or not users are reporting their errors. Admin can view all uncaught exceptions which occurred in the system and send information about them to developers to fix bugs.
Via query tools admin can query exception logs by user, datetime, exception class, exception message, exception frequency, etc.
To prevent large numbers of errors getting into table admin can set which errors to ignore.


OpenMRS 1.7.x, OpenMRS 1.8.x, OpenMRS 1.9.x, OpenMRS 1.10.x



  1. Download the module from the repository and install it.
  2. Go to "Manage module" under the administration page.
  3. Enter classes of exceptions that should be ignored, separated by a comma and press "Save" button.
  4. To view errors that occurred in the system go to "Errors" under the administration page.


Adding classes of exceptions that should be ignored 

Viewing errors 

Query tools

Technical Overview

Error Logging Module Technical Overview

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