OpenMRS and Health Interoperability Standards

The purpose of this page is to document various Health Interoperability related standards supported by OpenMRS

Support for HL7 standards

StandardIs supported ?Description

HL7 V2 Import


ADTA08 & ORUR01 in OpenMRS core, RGRTA module(ORU,ADT), CHICA module (ADT, ORU,VXR,VXX)

HL7 V2 Export


HL7Query module, RGRTA module(ADT,ORU),  CHICA module (ORU,VXQ, VXU)

CCD Export


Export CCD module (GSOC)

CCD Import


RGCCD module

CDA Export


CDA Generator module (GSOC) expected to be completed by end of Summer, 2014

CDA Import


FHIR ImportNo
FHIR ExportDesign plans now underway (July, 2014)

Communicating with Mirth for Hl7

The Mirth Messaging Module is a basic OpenMRS module that allows communication with Mirth ( to be implemented.

Other Non-Hl7 Standards

The Radiology Module supports the storage, viewing and manipulation of digital medical images in DICOM format.