Implementers: How to get support

Are you an implementer with questions?  Have you hit a roadblock and need some support?  Have you found gaps in crucial documentation?  Try these avenues:

Start a topic on OpenMRS Talk

The OpenMRS community is active and eager to help! After you log in to OpenMRS Talk with your OpenMRS ID, you can search the topics for community members with a similar question.  If you do not find the answers you are looking for, join the conversation by creating a new topic.  Tip:  Help the community help you by including as much detail (links, screen shots, etc.) as possible.


Email the Implementer's Mailing List

Reach out to other OpenMRS Implementers by emailing the Implementer's Mailing List.


Post a comment on the wiki page

If you are looking for more detailed documentation, post a comment on the wiki page.  Using @ allows you to tag the original author or the most recent contributor.  This may particularly useful to those needing more information about a module.