OpenMRS iOS Client Extensions

Primary mentor

Harsha Siriwardena

Backup mentor

Burke Mamlin

GSoC studentYousef Hamza


  • Improvements for the current iOS Client:
    • Ability to view currently active visits
    • Ability to edit patient details, like name, birthdate, address, etc.
    • List of saved patients, with the ability to remove them from local storage
    • Reposition the activity indicators to provide a better user experience. (having it on the top bar sometimes not easily observed or noticeable.)
    • Automatic updating of saved patients (i.e. on every app launch with an internet connection)
    • Better patient view, I.e. with tabs to switch between patient info, vitals, visits.
    • Better app support & optimisations for the iPad
    • Implement Two-Way Synchronisation for the Client – currently we let user's to select patients for offline usage. But after the offline usage the updated info doesnt get synced with the server.
    • Integrate the code base with Travis CI.
  • Implement ODKClinic Android App features in the iOS app.
    • Ability to Download Forms from the OpenMRS server.
    • Let the users to fill those forms in a Mobile friendly interface.
    • Upload forms back to the server. (Sync.)
    • The uploaded forms need to be viewable in OpenMRS server as Encounters.

Extra Credit

  • Integrate "instabug" in-app feedback/bug reporting system in the app
  • Integrate "flurry" analytics system in the app.
  • Handling of network errors
  • New Activity indicators
  • Timer for refreshing patient data when viewing
  • Your suggestions on how to improve the app - new ideas / features are welcomed!

Project Champions

Next-steps for potential students, discuss ideas & ask questions here: OpenMRS Talk: Pre-GSoC 2015 discussions - OpenMRS iOS Client Extensions


Improve the current functionality of the iOS client (v1.x) by fixing the current issues it has and by adding more features to it (ODKClinic alike features, 2-way Sync, etc).


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