Multi Searching across databases

Multi Search as a project is a way of being able to search through anything that is stored in either the default openmrs database or one imported into the system.

Multi Search provides a way to search for any thing from the database and displays it in a read-only custom format that can be overwritten. Here is how it is posible:



A search project is  a description of a set of results you want to be returned from the database.

A database is what it stands for, the project works with both the default system/openmrs database and an imported database plus a remotely connected to database.

To import a database as shown in the above video is simply done by providing a path to a dump/.sql file that contains the create table and insert into queries just as how you would import any other mysql database into another MySQL server or instance.

A database can only be deleted as long as it is not being referenced by any search project.


The custom indexing section handles both creating/deleting/editing search project(s) and indexing returned data after running the provided database query, solr fields or column names are vital for Solr to do both the indexing and searching. The merits of Solr for searching are great which explains why it was preferably used and so most terms used in this project are solr based.

One can index data from the three supported database options.


The "Non-Patient Specific Searches" term is used since this project was done as a separate branch off chartsearch otherwise, it is to be changed in-case the project is ever to be released separately since it is not part of chartsearch project.

This section allows the user to search against the index that is created and updated whenever a search project is created or updated. there various ways of searching as supported by the embedded Search query generator


Try the project out your self by either compiling the source code from or the spring non openmrs alternative at: or else email Kaweesi Joseph to send you the compiled package.


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