FHIR Swagger Document generator and enhancements

Primary mentor

Harsha Kumara

Backup mentor

Sashrika Waidyarathna

Assigned to

Rasanjana Perera


FHIR standard rapidly gets popular among community. Swagger is one of most popular API documentation language. Objective of project is to integrate swagger document generator and improve module to meet recent changes of FHIR Specification. The FHIR module is now part of the platform. Part of the swagger integration, the required UIs needs to be built on top of new UI framework as legacy UI now has been depreciated.

Project Champions

Harsha Kumara Suranga Kasthurirathne


  • Learn and experiment with FHIR standanrd
  • Go through the FHIR 101: OpenMRS Strategy, Tools, FHIR API, and Help and understand how it worked
  • Try out the FHIR module
  • Come up with timeline along with how each week has used to develop the module to meet with required goalss
  • Create tickets in JIRA for tasks to be completed during GSoC
  • Integrate the swagger documentation generation and console for FHIR REST APIs
  • Implement the UI of swagger documentation in new UI framework
  • Go through (1) which describe how OpenMRS rest web services integrates swagger



(1) REST Documentation Generator Project