Upgrade Data Collection support for Human Genetics Care

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Suranga Kasthurirathne

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Niranjan RajalingamHashan Kulasiri


The Human Genetics Clinic of the faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo plays a valuable role in caring for patients.

Currently, contributors have finalized requirements for collecting data from patients, and developed appropriate forms to do so. However, the forms would benefit from being upgraded to be more user friendly, and become comparable to the functionality seen on the 'collect vitals' form.


Proposed design

Currently, the vital form (accessible via the patient dashboard on the OpenMRS demo) looks as follows-


As you will see, this form contains one 'table' and allows users to enter fields such as height, weight, temperature etc. one at a time In comparison, a HGU data collection form contains multiple 'tables', with their own specific fields (see example below)

As you can see, this form has multiple tables (history, Examination & investigation findings, for office use, etc.) We need to modify this form to be similar to the vitals forms shown above.



The HGU unit has a number of forms that are similar to that shown below. Re-write these forms to mimic vital forms design using html, jsp and jquery.



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