Improved REST API Documentation Project

Primary mentor

Shreyans Sheth

Backup mentor

Pascal Brandt

Assigned to

Gayan W.

Interested PeoplePascal Brandt Shreyans Sheth



Most developers these days prefer to be writing against a RESTful API. Just like GitHub, Amazon, and many others, OpenMRS has a powerful RESTful API; however, an API is only as useful as its documentation. During GSoC 2015, the REST Documentation Generator project used Swagger to generate REST API documentation within the REST web services module. You can see this documentation at by logging in as admin (password is Admin123) and navigating to System Administration > Advanced Administration > REST Web Services > API Documentation.

While the Swagger-based documentation has been helpful, there are several opportunities to improve the documentation. The goal of this project is to improve the living documentation of the OpenMRS REST API through improvements in how Swagger is used and how developers can contribute to the documentation.

Project Champions

  • Burke Mamlin


  • Improve documentation
  • Optimization
  • Support for data types
  • Add search functionality
  • Bug fixes

Extra Credit

  • TBD