DHISReport Reporting Enhancements

Primary mentor

Sri Maurya Kummamuru

Backup mentor

Darius Jazayeri

Assigned to

Choxmi Sathsara


OpenMRS-DHIS2 integration is a need for many implementations in the OpenMRS community. 


DHIS2- https://www.dhis2.org/ is an aggregate indicator system used along with OpenMRS in many countries.The Present Dhisreport module being used automates the process of running sql queries against an OpenMRS instance and posting the results to a DHIS2 instance. It even exposes a set of web services that can be consumed through cURL. But, this requires a knowledge of the database structure and also SQL skills. 
Reporting Module has a system that allows generating reports based on a cohort system that generates the SQL queries automatically. The current module can generate DHIS2 report from the reporting module. 


The goal of this project is to improve the existing functionality of the current module to make it more implementer friendly.

Project Champions

Sri Maurya Kummamuru

James K

Bob Jolliffe

Skills Needed

  • Decent Java coding skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Familiarity with Spring Framework  and Hibernate will help


  • Link Reporting module reports generated in our module interface
  • Create an interface to link reporting indicators to DHIS2 indicators


Extra Credit


Outcomes of the project