Add UI Unit Testing Design

This work was superseded by UI testing of the reference application



We have many ?Unit Tests for the api and web layer.  However, these only test java code (api methods or controller methods), no jsp or javascript is tested.  There are many things in the webapp that change but also a lot that stay the same.  We need a suite of tests that make sure some of the basic functionality (the part that stays the same) doesn't break from release to release (and really from commit to commit).

There is a suite of performance testing web driver tests here:  See the readme.txt for how to execute them.  You can use these as a jump start on how to integrate webdriver and ui tests into trunk.


The Release Process wiki page links to the /wiki/spaces/docs/pages/25468482 that must be done before each alpha/beta release.  These ideally should be some sort of automated unit test (similar to but not necessarily the same as web driver)).

The minimum tests that need to be run are on that Testing Releases wiki page. 

The tests should be in trunk so that any developer can run them (regardless of OS)

A final piece of this is to work with ?Michael Downey to set up a CI project 

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Mentor: [?Darius Jazayeri, Ben Wolfe|~bwolfe]


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