Built-In Reports - Reference Application

What this module does

Built-in reports OWA provides basic reporting and give some insight into your data in Reference Application distribution. Data can be seen visually how they have spread and it gives an overview about the present data.

Currently there are some basic reports available. If anyone wants to add more sophisticated reports, it's really easy and there are some common components that can be reused from the OWA when it  comes to displaying the data.

Documentation / How-To

You need to have the Reference Metadata module 2.7.0 or higher installed in your OpenMRS server. This module includes the report definitions which the built-in reports OWA is being displaying. 

Currently there are 10 basic reports have configured. 

  • Number or Visits
  • Number of Patient Registrations
  • Number of Admissions per service area
  • Number of Transfers per service area
  • Number of Discharges per service area
  • Number of Visit Notes
  • List of Diagnosis’s made and quantity
  • List of Providers (grouped by active/retired)
  • List of Users (grouped by active/retired)
  • List of new Patient Registrations

You can see those reports under Administration -> Manage Report Definitions -> Report Administration once you install the Reference Metadata module 2.7.0 or higher.

After ensuring that the reports are properly configured with the Reference Metadata module installation, you can upload the  openmrs-owa-built-in-reports to your OpenMRS server.

Then you can open up the owa from Administration -> Open Web Apps Module -> Manage Apps  -> Built In Reports. 




List of Users in the OpenMRS system has visualized as follows:


List of Diagnosis in the entire system is available as below:


When there is no data in OpenMRS for any of the reports, it will be indicated to the user like below:

Release Notes



This module was developer by Jude Niroshan for Google Summer of Code 2017.