Automated QA testing of identified priority Reference Application features

Primary mentor

Kaweesi Joseph

Backup mentor

Christine Gichuki

Assigned to




The current Quality Assurance (QA) team is working towards the improvement of QA processes of our distributions and products. The team has drafted criteria to analyze priority of what needs testing, writing a general automated QA platform that can be reused on other tools such as modules, distributions among others, this project is aimed at consuming that QA effort and applying it on one of the most used community modules or tools.


The student will be expected to work with the QA team on the following (areas or features) that have been identified as gaps in the reference application testing:

  1. Patient Dashboard.
  2. Forms(HTMLForms and XForms).
  3. Merge patient records.
  4. Program management.
  5. User management.

The student will then be tasked with the following:

  • Come up with system requirements with assistance from the QA team.
  • Create test cases.
  • Apply the Prioritization criteria.
  • Create a project in and export a java skeleton (feature files etc) from cucumber studio.
  • Work with the available ecosystem to automate the features within:

QA Team;

Christine Gichuki

Ivan Cvitkovic

Kaweesi Joseph

Jan Flowers

Jennifer Antilla

Extra Credit

Supporting Quality assurance in the OpenMRS COVID-19 response with a key focus on data collection tools and workflow.

Required Skills:

BA/stakeholders requirements

  • CucumberStudio User account.
  • Understanding of the Gherkin syntax.
  • Selenium/cypress

Software Engineer requirements

  1. OpenMRS Instance
  2. An IDE. Recommendations include IntelliJ
  3. Java 8 installed 
  4. Maven
  5. GitHub account and a repository.
  6. Add gherkin plugin for any IDE.
  7. See also OpenMRS - Getting Started as a Developer