2020-03-05: OCL for OpenMRS Meeting


Andrew Kanter
tendo kiiza Martyn
@ellen ball
Darius Jazayeri
Herbert Yiga
Ian Bacher
Jacinta Gichuhi
Jennifer Antilla
Jonathan Payne

Moses Mutesasira

Juliet Wamalwa

Daniel Kayiwa


Recap from previous meeting

Sprint 24 is complete. (We should "complete sprint" and start 25).


Mentors (Rafal and Lincoln) have not been able to connect/support.  Rafal's support would be limited to specific areas (back-end).  Jonathan will manage Rafal's time.

  • Needs:  Tickets merged, bandwidth for managing tickets/review, additional resources, getting Juliet up to speed
  • Problem affecting progress is not lack or reviewers but rather lack of developers to accomplish the tasks.
  • Only Herbert and Jacinta are working on this sprint.
  • Ellen , Herbert and any other interested party to join  sprint 25 planning on (6th-Feb-2020).
  • On boarding required to help available Devs to level up.