2020-03-11: OCL for OpenMRS Squad Meeting


tendo kiiza Martyn

Jennifer Parise

Andrew Kanter

Jonathan Payne

Herbert Yiga

Daniel Kayiwa

Call Recording


Reviewing  Lincoln's New Code Base

  • Testing to cease by end of this week according to Herbert Yiga
  • Daniel Kayiwa is doing final review of tickets and will give okay to move ahead with new code base

Review On boarding Session

  • Herbert Yiga to review progress on Onboarding
  • Will have an onboarding session on Thursday
    • Those participating in the onboarding session will demo what they have been doing
    • Lincoln will be on the onboarding session
    • Consider this a "mid-project" evaluation as they do for GSoC
    • Goal is to make sure people are expanding their skills and are ready to work on tickets once the next sprint is ready to start
  • Feed back from  required from lincoln on progress of those onboarding.

Sprint Planning

  • Herbert Yiga to arrange sprint planning with Ellen Ball
  • Issues raised on Talk should be added to backlog as we go along in order to avoid searching for issues later on or missing them entirely.
  • Herbert Yiga or someone he identifies will review Talk for issues from the past two weeks.
  • tendo kiiza Martyn indicated that he is available to assist


  • Monitor project progress, including board activity, on a weekly basis
  • Establish standard agenda items. Right now those are:
    • New code base
    • Onboarding
    • Spring + Sprint Planning
    • Board review
  • Consider using a PM tool to monitor activities towards our objectives


  • Notes taking to be done using Etherpad and later on embedded in Confluence
  • Expectations for real time note-taking
    • Have an Agenda
    • Track the time for each agenda item
    • Document important decisions + rationale
    • Individuals should add any other important points brought up during the meeting
    • Summary of TODOs for the next meeting.


Herbert Yigato facilitate onboarding session on Thursday

Lincoln Karuhangato provide feedback on individuals' onboarding progress

Herbert Yigato reach out to Ellen about sprint planning

Jennifer Antilla to post call recording to the Wiki and Talk