2020-03-25: OCL for OpenMRS minutes


tendo kiiza Martyn

Jennifer Parise

Andrew Kanter

Jonathan Payne

Herbert Yiga

Ellen Ball

Jennifer Antilla

Lincoln Karuhanga



Would be good to find tickets that were done between Sprint 24 and 25. If work was done before 25 including the testing of version 2 and the importing of AMPATH and PIH into OCL, the squad should be given credit for doing this work. If we are not going to include it in sprint 25, then not sure how it will be recorded. 

OCL was updated for AMPATH and PIH. Those tickets were closed. Are they part of this squad? (AK: Yes, they should be)
OCL being updated at the moment with the latest CIEL dictionary into Staging and Production. Jon will send out notification broadly as soon as it is done. The CIEL dictionary will be available on all of the servers in a separate process including QA and Demo. PIH and AMPATH still need to be done before the Staging and Production servers can be updated. PIH is ready to upload based on the file that is in the CIEL dropbox. These also need to be moved into QA and Demo (? need new ticket-PIH and AMPATH need to decide if they need to test/demo with their data or can they use CIEL for this part). PIH would require another load into production before they go live (obviously).

Ellen and Andy have feedback in TALK that need to have tickets created. Once we are certain that Version 2 is the platform we are going forward on, then these tickets should be put in the backlog.

As part of the CIEL update for OCL, we are also releasing a public collection/dictionary of all the codes relevant for COVID-19.

Thoughtworks has reached out about managing concepts better. Her questions:
    From the various talk thread, we got that the latest repository we are following for OCL client for OpenMRS is https://github.com/Karuhanga/openmrs-ocl-client-v2. Please confirm if our understanding is correct. If yes, when is the plan to move this repo to openmrs github??Is there any timeline for completion of the MVP for the new UI??Can you please share the master story list with the current status for this new UI? ?Is there any other story list available from PIH and Ampath use cases?  ALSO: Perhaps have her talk with Darius about the Bahmni/OCL history.
    Michael from MSF also reached out. Perhaps do another presentation to the community to update everyone about the project.
    Outstanding question: If a Bahmni or MSF customer wanted to append a collection from OCL, would the subscription module leave all the other legacy concepts in place? If so, and this could be tested, then they could avoid having to create an MDS Server version with the subscription module, and just subscribe to the new concepts they wanted from OCL.