OHRI Package: Collaboration Roadmap

3 Steps to Review our Collaboration Status: 

  1. qWeek: (~ Weekly) Review Collaboration Roadmap
  2. qMonth: Review ohri tickets in Jira
  3. qQuarter: Review what's already going on in the OpenMRS community roadmap here

Agenda for Next Technical Check In: 

  • Packages update
  • Dispensing update
  • Lab orders update
  • CBS & LIS integrations → FYI on ongoing work
  • Assessment update (feature comparison/gap analysis and Modules review)
  • Algorithms and Flags: Can we review approaches for each
  • Confirm alignment on Clinical Views; JSON config idea
  • Update on Branding
  • Update on Generic Widget
  • Diagram

UgandaEMR: Cervical CA screening use case for 3.x; plan to do gap analysis. Plan re. migration path: 3.x first; ohri next

Other Assets:

  • OHRI Packages Content Inventory 
  • UI Review: A side by side comparison of 3.x Demo vs OHRI Demo Sept 2021
  • Shared Assets Doc: Explains Shared Assets vs Package-Specific Assets, and breaks down OHRI examples. 
  • Architect Role Descriptions: OpenMRS recognizes the need for the roles spelled out in this document. Shared Assets require a pretty high-skilled developer, architect level person, to design them before a mid-level dev can work on them. Mid-to-junior devs need this kind of support in order to successfully work on shared assets. OpenMRS has some dev/5’s like this but not enough. The roles described in this document aim to address that gap. 
  • Analytics Team needs: A detailed proposal for what team resources would be needed to thoughtfully address OpenMRS reporting challenges at scale. 
  • OHRI Wiki Roadmap


  • Grace & Eudson 1:1: Plan re MF-ing/code breakdown; how Nirupa can support
  • 2022 Priorties:
    • Schema: address features that extend the schema; whether these need to be part of the standard
    • MF-ing/code breakdown
    • DB Flattening approach
    • Interoperability with DISI
  • Form Engines: review of strengths (lower priority; even reconcile)

Collaboration Roadmap


BE = Backend FE = Frontend

(tick) Done/Resolved

(plus) Now

What We're Working on Today

(lightbulb) Next

Next Priorities*


Concept Validation with Sites & CDC HQ program teams


HIV HTS & C&T Prototype Validation with Sites & CDC HQ program teams


COVID Prototype Validation with Sites & CDC HQ program teams


COVID Prototype review: Clinical OMRS Community SMEs (TAP Call - Dec 15)



UI Review: 3.x Demo vs OHRI Demo

Comparison of existing 3.x Demo/Community Assets vs OHRI Demo OMRS INC

OHRI Demo Bug Clean Up


DB Flattening - get reporting working with new paradigm

Meeting w/ PIH re PETL. Interested in SQL approach. 


COVID Prototype review: Packaging Technical Review (TAC Call - Dec 13)


Service Delivery Queues

Requirements: UCSF


Core Dependencies: Cohort Module (BE), Patient List Functionality (FE)

COVID Dashboard


Core Dependencies: Cohort Module

COVID Package widgets


  • COVID Assessments
  • COVID Tests
  • COVID Vaccinations
  • COVID Outcomes

Note: Applying OMRS Package schema depends on microfrontending architecture (lerna monorepos)

Migration Plan & Materials

Overview done by OMRS INC here

Packaging architecture being defined by OMRS INC here


Prep to microfrontend UCSF-OHRI Repo to be created into a lerna monorepo

Eudson lead review to i.d. any dependencies? R/v with Narupa, JJ, others?

What core needs are missing that are needed in Community Code / Shared Assets?


Embedding Pt Chart Features into Forms

BLOCKER Unclear who will lead design

(Problem: Current silo between Form-Entered vs Widget-Entered Allergies, Drug Orders, Conditions, Appointments, Immunizations)

Leverage existing squad work

Test Results

Drug Orders

Service Summary & Enrollment

Vital Signs

...and more

Database Flattening 

  • Questions for This Week
  • Updates/To-do check ins
  • PM Check-ins
      • Follow-up items
        • Need: OCL: Concept Support in Iniz (Support for Concept Name, Synonyms)
          • TODO: Grace f/u with team working on this 
        • Cohort Module Next Steps
    • Discussion Topics
      • Packaging reports
  • Sri & Fitti
    • OHRI Package things: OMRS not expecting to maintain (Shared Assets yes, OHRI package-specific widgets no.)
    • OHRI as library/package/toolkit vs as distribution → Suite of tools available to various sites
    • "Programmatic side" - who is responsible for what? e.g. PATH for implementation - what does that mean for validating work thus far? 
  • #ohri Jira Tickets List
  • key summary type created updated assignee reporter priority status

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