Building a Testable FHIR Implementation Guide

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sharif, abert


In an effort to validate the capabilities of the OpenMRS FHIR2 Module using standard FHIR structures, we're proposing a project to develop the OpenMRS FHIR Implementation Guide(IG) into a testable IG that connects the contained technical specifications with the testing packages for the FHIR2 module.

FHIR Implementation Guides (IGs) provide a standard way of documenting FHIR services, and our primary goal is to align the FHIR2 module documentation with this standard, using the available best practices for IG development. This github repository currently houses the skeleton IG for the FHIR2 module, of which a compiled version is viewable at You can see more about the FHIR2 project on the wiki page: FHIR 101: OpenMRS Strategy, Tools, FHIR API, and Help.

Our implementation guide is based on the OpenHIE Implementation Guide  created by Jose Costa Teixeira, but it’s been lightly retouched to closer match OpenMRS branding.

Project Rating and length


175 hours


Project Champions

Ian Bacher 

Piotr Mankowski 

Moses Mutesasira 

Recommended Prerequisites 

  • Some experience working with RESTful APIs
  • Some experience with software development and testing processes (TDD, BDD, etc.)  

Developed Skills and Competencies

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Overview of IGs

Overview Of FSH  

Overview of SUSHI