GSoC 2023: OpenMRS Android SDK v1.1.1

Primary Mentor

                         Rishabh Agarwal 

Backup Mentor

                     Namanya Abert 

Assigned to                     Shubham Sharma


The OpenMRS Android SDK project aims to provide a more versatile and user-friendly solution for developers and implementers of OpenMRS. Building upon the foundation laid in 2021, this project focuses on next release of the initial Android SDK to offer an enhanced experience to all stakeholders involved.

With a strong commitment to improving the implementation process, the project has introduced enrichments and new features to the Android SDK. The enhancements made to the OpenMRS Android SDK greatly contribute to the project's overall success. By addressing previous limitations and incorporating new features, the SDK becomes a more powerful tool for developers and implementers.

In conclusion, the OpenMRS Android SDK project represents a significant leap forward in the pursuit of a more adaptable, user-friendly, and efficient healthcare app development process. By focusing on the needs of both developers and implementers, this project paves the way for a more seamless integration of the OpenMRS Android client in various healthcare settings to increase the healthcare technology landscape and contribute to improved patient care worldwide.


  • Fix existing bugs to prevent crashes in the App
  • Fix CI/CD Pipeline on GitHub
  • Add/Enhance Encounter functionality
  • Add/Enhance Observation functionality
  • Add/Enhance Visit functionality
  • Add Appointment Scheduling Feature
  • Add Orders Feature
  • Add Drugs Feature
  • Add Programs Feature
  • Add Unit tests for Encounter Repository
  • Add Unit tests for Observation Repository
  • Add Unit tests for Visit Repository
  • Add Unit tests for Orders Respository
  • Add Unit tests for Drugs Repository
  • Add Unit tests for Programs Repository

Additional Work:

  • Migrate Java files to Kotlin

Skills Needed :

  1. Android 
  2. Java
  3. Kotlin
  4. Jitpack libraries
  5. MVVM Architecture
  6. Unit Testing using Mockk, Mockito and Robolectric


  1. Getting Started with openmrs-android-sdk - documentation created for openmrs-android-sdk introduction.
  2. Add latest version for OpenMRS Android SDK to your project - openmrs-android-sdk-v1.1.1
  3. The features added or modified must be documented in the hosted at OpenMRS client user guide with the github repository here.

Detailed Project Report

Weekly Reports

Outstanding work 

  1. Integrating more modules into the Android SDK.
  2. Integrate the additional modules of SDK to the Android Client
  3. Migrate remaining files from Java to Kotlin

Final Presentation

  1. Talk Post
  2. Presentation Video

Resources :