Advanced Concept Management

Primary mentor

Justin Miranda

Backup mentor

Mike Seaton

Assigned to

Malte Friese


The Advanced Concept Management project will consist of building a better user interface for the management of concepts (including searching/editing features). Here are some examples of features that might be included in this project. The student, mentor, and product owner(s) will need to discuss these features in more detail at the start of the project.

Project Champions

Andy Kanter, Jaime Hablutzel Egoavil, others (question)


Improve Concept Search
  • Improve concept search user interface by creating more of a concept dictionary dashboard.
  • Add more search filters/options (filter by class, datatype, usage, etc).
  • Add real autocomplete widget for concept search page.
  • Show more context in concept search results.
  • Implement widgets LAST 10 concepts created feature.
  • Add TOP 10 concepts used in observations.
Improve Concept Editor
  • Improve the concept editor user interface
  • Improve usability around
  • Integrate the stats and editor page.
  • Implement a more user friendly wizard for creating a new concept.
  • Allow user to cascade edit of a datatype change (i.e. change datatype of any rows in the obs table).
Improve Concept Localization
  • Improve the localization user interface.
  • Allow user to export/import message bundles for their concepts for bulk localization updates.
Improve Concept Permissions
  • Implement a new permission scheme that allows privileges to be based on concept classes, sets of concepts, data type, etc.
  • Allow admin to assign specific privileges to an individual user or group.
  • Allow user to manage only concepts that they have permission to view/edit based on more fine-grained permissions.
  • Allow user to a specific privilege to create/edit concepts of certain class
To be determined by Student, Mentor, and Product Owner, but here's a sample list of expectations/deliverables:
  • Usability analysis of current concept editor/search pages.
  • Product backlog (features to be implemented).
  • Mockup of each new feature to be implemented.
  • Weekly release of module implementing the new features.
  • Weekly blog entry discussing progress, obstacles.
  • Weekly demo to the product owners.


Enhanced Concept Management Module